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Become AWS Cloud Engineer

Want to pass the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Exam?
Want to become Amazon Web Services Certified?
Do this course!

Become AWS Cloud Engineer - Online


This is regular course with Instructor Led Program with step by step understanding the AWS Process Models.

Mode of Delivery:Online (Instructor Led Program)
Requirements:No Specific Requirements
Course Objectives:Job Oriented Program for AWS Cloud
Duration:40 Days
Subscription:1 Year

40 Online | Classroom

    Every Day

  • - 1 Hr Instructor Class
  • - 2 Hr Videos Session
  • - 2 Hr Lab/Assignment

Become AWS Cloud Engineer – Videos


This is course with Instructor and Videos based Program with step by step understanding the and AWS Process Models.

Mode of Delivery:Video (Instructor)
Requirements:No Specific Requirements
Course Objectives:Job Oriented Program for AWS Cloud
Duration:1 Year


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Become AWS Cloud Engineer


Recognize terminology and concepts as they relate to the AWS platform and navigate the AWS Management Console and CLI.
Understand AWS management tools, including Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
Grasp the foundational servers, including Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS).
Learn about the security measures AWS provides and key concepts of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
Use AWS database services, including Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Relational Database (RDS).
Provisioning AWS Infrastructure using Terraform Scripts to implement Infrastructure As a Code.

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Who this course is for:
AWS Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience necessary
Existing Solutions Architects
Programmers Interested in Deploying Applications on AWS
People interested in hosting highly scalable, fault tolerant applications (such as Wordpress) on the AWS cloud.

    Requirements :
  • 1. Any Degree
  • 2. Required aspiration and zeal to get the job on DevOps and AWS to have better career in IT industry.
  • 3. You need to have an attitude to learn Programing and Admin activities with fun 🙂
  • 4. No prerequisites. Anybody wants to know DevOps with AWS Technologies Can Enroll in the course


Online Class

  • -40 Days (Classes on weekdays)

  • - Every Day
  • - 1 Hr Instructor Class
  • - 2 Hr Videos Session
  • - 2 Hr Lab/Assignment

  1. Overview of the existing system
  2. About SDLC
  3. About Agile Model
  4. The Roles of Developers, Testers and Operations Teams
  5. The Challenges in the existing System
  6. Why DevOps
  7. DevOps fundamentals and methodologies
  8. Understanding The Complete Pipe Line with CI and CD Operations
  9. DevOps tools
    • a. Maven
    • b. Nexus
    • c. Tomcat Server
    • d. Git and GitHub
    • e. Jenkins
    • f. Ansible and Puppet
    • g. Docker and Docker Swarm
    • h. Vagrant
    • i.Nagios
  1. Introducing Unix/Linux Operating System
  2. Becoming Familiar with Unix Commands
  3. File Attributes
  4. I/O Redirections
  5. Compressing/Uncompressing
  6. VI/VIM , The King of Editors
  7. Simple Filters
  8. Filters Using Regular Expressions
  9. File Permissions
  10. The Process
  11. Red Hat Package Manager(RPM):
    • a. Overview of RPM
    • b. Installing, Removing a software with YUM
    • c. RPM queries
    • d. RPM verifications
  12. Yellow Dog Update Manager(YUM):
    • a. Overview of YUM
    • b. Installing, Removing a software with YUM
    • c. YUM queries
  13. Remote Access:
    • a. Telnet configuration
    • b. Secure Shell (SSH) configuration
  1. Shell Script Introduction
  2. Important Points About Programming
  3. Shell Script Variables
  4. Shell Decision Making
  5. Shell Operators
  6. Return Statuses
  7. Shell Iterations
  8. Shell Functions
  9. Real time Example
  • Shell Script Real Time Examples
  • Shell Script Debugging Options
  • Shell Script Assignments
    1. Python Introduction
    2. Python Installation
    3. Python Program & its Execution
    4. Python Tokens and Variables
    5. Python Operators
    6. Python Data Types
    7. Python Conditional control flow
    8. Python Loops
    9. Python Input and Output
    10. Python Functions
    11. Python Modules
    12. Python Classes
    13. Python Exception Handling
    14. Python Regular Expressions
    15. Python System Administration
    16. Python Date and Time
    1. Introduction of Cloud and AWS
    2. AWS Account Setup and IAM
    3. Launching EC2 Instance and AMI
    4. EC2 Connect, User Data EIP
    5. EC2 and Load Balancer (ALB)
    6. ASG and Load Balancer
    7. ASG and Route 53
    8. RDS and VPC
    9. S3 and S3 Policies
    10. Cloud Watch Alerts, Events
    11. Cloud Watch Logs and CLI
    • AWS Assignment – Problem Statement
    • AWS Assignment – Solution Statement
    1. Terraform Introduction
    2. Terraform Setup
    3. Terraform Providers
    4. Terraform Resources
    5. Terraform Variable
    6. Terraform Outputs
    7. Lab Practice
    1. AWS Assignment – Problem Statement
    2. AWS Assignment – Solution Statement

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