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DevOps on AWS – Python Scripts 7 : OS Methods


import os
from os import path
import datetime
from datetime import date, time
import time
fileName = “6.fileSize.py”
def main():
# Print the name of the OS
    print os.name
    if path.exists(fileName) == True:
# Check for item existence and type
print “Item exists: ” + str(path.exists(fileName))
print “Item is a file: ” + str(path.isfile(fileName))
print “Item is a directory: ” + str(path.isdir(fileName))
# Work with file paths
print “Item’s path: ” + str(path.realpath(fileName))
print “Item’s path and name: ” + str(path.split(path.realpath(fileName)))
#Get the modification time
t = time.ctime(path.getmtime(fileName))
print t
   print fileName, ” is not available”
February 22, 2021

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